Why is it essential for data scientists to learn Python?

by Disha Ganguli

August 10, 2021

Analytics Insight Explains Why Data Scientists Should Learn Python Early

Python has become one of the most essential and high-level programming languages ​​in data science in recent years. Reputable organizations want data scientists to have a clear understanding of coding with Python through the most important Python libraries available on the internet such as TensorFlow, NumPy, and Pandas. Data scientists can learn Python to grab the best job opportunities with lucrative salary packages across the world. So let’s see why it’s essential for data scientists to learn Python before joining a company.

Python is booming as an open source programming language in the groups of scientists and data developers, in addition to Java, C ++, R, etc. worldwide. This is because Python in Data Science supports object-oriented structures, as well as a functional programming paradigm. This programming language is designed to be readable, simple and explainable to perform several tasks. Data scientists hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any technical field such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, etc. Some of them do not have sufficient coding skills to enter the field of Data Science. Thus, Python syntax has become easy to code, and data scientists can learn Python in Data Science as quickly as possible.

As mentioned above, there is an emergence of multiple free and paid resources to master and understand Python in order to work in Data Science at a comfortable pace. Aspiring data scientists can join the powerful and professional community of data scientists or the Python community to receive Python data science training. Professional websites such as Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn, Simplilearn and many more have recognized the demand of data scientists for Python courses. So, these websites offer several affordable online courses with valid and useful certificates to add to CV for a successful future in data science.

Data scientists prefer Python over other languages ​​because of the availability of powerful machine learning libraries for all robust machine learning algorithms without sacrificing existing performance. Data scientists can create appropriate neural networks with these powerful frameworks. Dropbox, Google, YouTube, and Instagram are built on Python. It helps to automate several tasks as well as the use of these applications in different kinds of languages ​​with simple code and extensive documentation.

Since data scientists are needed for efficient data management, Python is the first language to work with huge volumes of complex data in real time through multiple data mining tools. Python controls various important websites through web development frameworks like Django, TurboGears, and many more. Data scientists need to master data analysis with multiple data analysis tools and Python provides better insight and correlates real-time data from large datasets with self-service analysis.

It is assumed that the Python software package market can expect huge demand and growth by 2025 in data science field, while the global data science market growth is expected to reach 140.9 billion dollars by 2024 with a CAGR of 30%. Thus, Python for Data Science can be considered as the hottest and most demanded combination in the technology-driven world of the strong community of data scientists.

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