Top 5 free facial recognition software to use in 2021

Focus: Free facial recognition software

Progressing technology, the demand for facial recognition is also increasing day by day. Facial recognition software is adopted by all industries for authentication purposes. Here are the top 5 facial recognition software to use in 2021.

1 age

Ageitgey is the most popular free facial recognition software and it also has 37.6,000 stars on GitHub. This software can be used through Python API or their binary command line tool. This platform has all the installation instructions, which makes it more interesting and popular.

2 CompreFace

CompreFace was published on GitHub in 2020 and has around 900 stars. It is one of the few self-hosted facial recognition software with REST API that can be used with a single docker-compose command. This software recognizes faces on multiple video streams. CompreFace also has a user interface for managing user roles and face collections.

3 deep face

DeepFace was published on Github in 2020 and has approximately 1,100 stars. This free facial recognition software supports different facial recognition methods such as FaceNet and Insightface.

4 FaceNet

FaceNet is a free facial recognition program created by Google researchers and an open source Python library that implements it. FaceNet has high accuracy but the only downside is that it doesn’t have a REST API.

5 InsightFace

InsightFace is another free facial recognition software that has around 8.00 stars. This software uses the latest and most accurate methods for facial recognition. InsightFace is also accurate as software below.

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