5. How to use Conda

If you want to set up a new Anaconda environment for your project using the command line, use the “Count“.

conda create

So, for example, if we want to create an environment with Python with a name let’s say: “firstapprox“, the command will be:

conda create -n firstenv

Now we already have the Anaconda environment, to install any package there, the command syntax will be as follows:


conda install -n firstenv packag-name

Let’s say you want to install Pythion and NumPy in your environment-

conda install -n firstenv python numpy

In this way we can install whatever available packages we want. Also to activate the environment and start working with it.

conda activate firstenv

To deactivate

conda deactivate

6. How to Disable Conda Base Environment

If you don’t want the Conda base environment to be started automatically on boot in your Ubuntu command terminal, then we can disable it, just run the given command:

conda config --set auto_activate_base false