Candidates begin to prepare for District 51 School Board elections this fall

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – The District 51 School Board election is approaching in a few months and candidates are starting to plan their campaigns.

With the completed petitions due to the superintendent next Friday, applicants are starting to address major issues ahead as the majority of students return to class this school year.

The key subject on which all candidates agree is transparency. They all agree that making decisions in the eyes of the public is very important to this community, especially when it comes to how taxpayer dollars are spent in our schools.

“Not only do I have years of experience on the board, which is important to me because it is not easy to be someone from outside the district to learn programming, budgeting, things like that, ”said Trish Mahre, who currently sits in the district. 51 District School Board C. “So I think I’ve had a good time under my belt to get off to a good start. And I have a passion for children. Everything I do in my professional job right now is about children. If children are victimized or if children are delinquents. So I think I have a very good working knowledge of where our community resources for children are and where we are. “

Trish Mahre sits on the current District C school board, but has not had the full opportunity to put her ideas into practice due to her election during the pandemic last year. However, she tells us that she worked to negotiate with the union to increase teachers’ salaries.

“There seems to be a lot of mistrust between the community and the school district,” said Andrea Haitz, District C District 51 School Board candidate. “So I think we need to work on better communication between the school board and our community. This is the only way for us to move forward. Especially with the bail measures, so that our teachers are better paid. So we need to restore that trust and know that we are all working together.

Andrea’s plan is to form community groups of business members, teachers, school administration and a board member. She says having an outside perspective can be beneficial in finding solutions.

“Number one, the size of the classrooms. We need to reduce that immediately to give our students and teachers a chance, ”said Nick Allan, District D School Board candidate for District 51.“ Second, we need to make sure that we get the funding for it. our students who need it most, especially our students with special needs. It’s close to my heart. And finally, to achieve this, we need a school board member who goes out into the community, listens to them, not only while waiting for board meetings, but rather by coming together, having real conversations and connecting. with people.

As a former educator Nick Allan says, with large classrooms, he finds that students are often overlooked. “We need to give these children the skills to enter the workforce in order to progress and pursue their dreams. “

Anyone registered to vote can vote for all candidates in the district, not just candidates in the district in which you live.

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